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16 Modern Men’s Hairstyles You Should Try This Year!

Do you sometimes feel like women have hundreds of haircuts and hairstyles to choose from, while for men the choices are super limited? But you will be surprised that there are also many trendy men’s hairstyles that leave a lot of scope for creative and uncomplicated styling. Instead of flipping through magazines and scrolling through your social media feeds to find out the current trending Modern Men’s Hairstyles, you can just check out the best men’s hairstyles 2021 in our image gallery.

The Latest Modern Men’s Hairstyles 2021

You can opt for a chic man bun or add a touch of old-school charm with a quiff. Regardless of whether you have short, medium-length or long hair, here you will find tons of inspiration for men’s hairstyles that will keep you right on trend. Below we introduce you to the 10 best men’s hairstyles that will add pizzazz to your look throughout 2021. Trust us: these cool men’s hairstyles 2021 will definitely help you stand out from the crowd!



If you are looking for an old school style that is still on trend, then you should try the pompadour (also known as the quiff). This hairstyle gives you a lot of leeway to play with height and volume as the sides are cut short. To style your pompadour, you should first blow dry the hair in the direction you want. The best way to do this is to use a small round brush. This is how the pony gets the right swing. While the hair is still slightly damp, spread some hair pomade in your hands and run your fingers through the entire section of hair on the top of your head to knead the great woman into the perfect position.

Mid Fade

mid fade haircut

The mid fade hairstyle is an ideal choice if you want the look to be classically elegant and yet trendy. This hairstyle offers the best of both worlds – a bit of length to play with on top and short shaved sides. It’s the perfect way to add a modern twist to a traditional short haircut. Not to mention, it’s super easy to style and maintain.

High Fade

high fade haircut

The high fade is a hairstyle for the man who loves to add a dramatic touch to his look. This fade hairstyle starts higher up than others which brings out the facial features perfectly. It also goes well with voluminous hairstyles as the border line sits higher up on the temples or on the forehead. Ask your barber to start the fade around the forehead and leave the hair longer on top.

High Fade With Messy Top

high fade with messy top

For a modern look with a touch of cool, try the high fade cut with longer hair on the top of the head in a tousled look. This hairstyle looks great on short and medium length hair and offers the opportunity to play with texture. If you want to make the look even cooler, you can have the hair dyed silver on top.

Men’s bun + Mid Fade Cut

mens bun mid fade haircut

Keep your long and luscious locks out of your face with the help of a hipster-like bun. You’ve probably seen this hairstyle on social media by now, so it’s high time to check out the trend. You can find tips on hair growth and hair care in our article “Growing your hair”.

To make the look even more modern, you should combine the man bun with a mid fade undercut. This creates a cool contrast between the casual messy bun and the well-shaved undercut. A 3-day or impressive hipster beard perfectly rounds off the hip look.

Slicked-back Undercut

slicked back undercut

While undercuts can look rebellious, combed back hair gives the hairstyle an elegant look and makes it suitable for almost any occasion. In order for the hairstyle to hold, you need to gel the hair backwards.

Put a dollop of hair gel in your hand and rub it between your palms. Run your fingers through your slightly damp hair to distribute the gel well. Then comb your hair back from the hairline on your forehead and allow it to air dry in that position.

Super Short Shaved Buzz Cut

Super Short Shaved Buzz Cut

If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t like taking care of your hair in the morning, the super-close buzz cut is for you. This short haircut doesn’t require any styling products to look good, which makes it a perfect option for minimalists.

Brushed Back Hair

brushed back modern mens hairsyles

A timeless, classic hairstyle is all it takes to add the charm of the boy next door and that is exactly that long-sided brushed back hair. As the name suggests, this hairstyle is all about brushing your long strands towards the back of your head for an elegant and “polished” look. All you have to do is apply a dollop of volume mousse to the slightly damp strands and then comb your hair towards the back of your head. You can also use some hairspray to finish off this look. While it can take a while to style the hair, the hairstyle is absolutely worth the effort.

Brush Back + Low Fade

brushed back hair

The brushed back look also works particularly well in combination with a low or mid fade cut. So you get the best of both worlds: a classic short hairstyle with a modern twist.

Disheveled waves

Disheveled waves

In case you missed it, disheveled hair is now the trend. The loose styling gives the hair a voluminous, wavy texture that won’t go unnoticed. So it’s no wonder that the trend is popular with men too. To achieve the look, apply a generous amount of hair paste to damp hair and knead it with your fingers to give it shape and texture. For a certain messy look, run your fingers through the hair again as soon as it has dried.

Crew Cut with Skin Fade

Crew Cut with Skin Fade

For the men who love to change their hairstyles, the crew cut with smoothly shaved sides will grab your attention. This hairstyle creates a cool two-tone look and makes a real statement. Best of all, hair styling is only optional depending on how long the hair is on top.

The Textured French Crop is one of the most popular modern men’s hairstyles that one can get right now. The classic French crop is characterized by cropped sides, short hair on top, and straight cut bangs. While it suits all hair textures, it looks best on thick hair. The modern variant of the hairstyle is complemented by longer hair on top and a mid fade cut. This clean cut look is easy to maintain and requires almost no styling.

Messy Spikes Modern Men’s Hairstyles

messy spikes

Disheveled spikes don’t look as messy and unmade as you might think. The styling offers a fresh, modern look that you will appreciate. This short hairstyle is an excellent variant for men who want to get more volume on the top of the head. All you need is a strong hold gel. Simply rub the gel between your hands and run your fingers up through the strands to create messy spikes. This also makes your face appear longer optically.

Faux Hawk with Fade

Faux Hawk Fade

If you’re a man who can’t resist a spiky hairstyle, a spiky faux-hawk with a skin fade might be the perfect haircut for you. Thanks to the barely visible hair on the sides, this look makes your spiky strands the focus of attention. You can find out more about the modern faux hawk in our article “50 Iro Hairstyle Ideas for Men”.

This hairstyle is ideal for men with thick hair and is also perfect for those who like to experiment with different hairstyles. You can also add interesting designs and patterns to the pages.

Short Shaggy

short shaggy

Do you need a messy yet stylish hairstyle? The short shaggy look is just right for you in 2021. This boyish hairstyle is especially great for men with round faces and prominent foreheads.

Finger Waves with High Fade

finger waves high fade

Do you want to add a little more texture to your haircut? Then it’s time to try out this trendy hairstyle that combines waves with a high-buzz cut fade. This look is very different from the classic fade hairstyle and is characterized by thicker hair on the top of the head that is cut in waves. Complemented by heavily shaved sides, this short hairstyle is perfect for curly and wavy hair structures.

Front Line Fade Modern Men’s Hairstyles

Front Line Fade

Another interesting twist on our list of men’s hairstyles 2021 is the front-line fade. This look cuts the hair short but shows a defined hairline at the same time, making it a popular hairstyle for men with thick and curly hair.

So, you can check those out but thank you very much for reading really hope you’ve enjoyed this 15 Modern Men’s Hairstyles You Should Try This Year!.

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