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Best David Beckham Hairstyles & Haircuts

What makes David Beckham Hairstyles looks so attractive and what can you learn from him so that you can look better too.  We’ll be analyzing his natural assets his style his grooming as well as his imperfections to see how it maintains a great look at all times.

David Beckham Hairstyles

Let’s begin with this guy’s natural assets one of the key things always stands out to me about David Beckham is his eyes not necessarily the color of his eyes but the shape of them his eyes are quite slim and angular his brows have got really good structure.

Messy Hairstyles


David Beckham’s always take his look to the next level one of the big things for David in particular is he’s experimented way more than most guys in terms of both his style and also his hair.  He’s to try loads of the trends which may have meant that he looked fashionable at the time

Side Part Hairstyles


Beckham has gone through some of the craziest ones and it’s all been documented because this guy’s in the public eye he’s tried loads of weird colors loads of spiky hair styles he used to love hair gel not so much anymore and that’s given him lots of experience he’s tried so much stuff.

Buzz Haircut


Now he knows what works for him and he can consistently look good all the time. Let’s take his hairstyle for instance David Beckham’s hair looks good when it’s either short or medium length.

Fauxhawk Hairstyle


He’s had some hairstyles that become super popular among guys with loads of men wanting to replicate his pompadour hairstyle.

Pompadour Hairstyle


I’ve also seen loads of guys wanting to transition to his new shorter haircuts this one’s like a modern twist on a spiky hair style.

Spiky Hairstyles


Beckham really well at changing his david beckham hairstyles in accordance with this so a few years back he was into all the long hair trends but the problem with that hairstyle was it emphasized the recession even more then he switched to the pompadour hairstyle.

Man Bun Hairstyle


And then as the recession has continued he’s then switched to the shorter hairstyle which he carries off really well because his main hairline at the top is actually still really good and because he’s pretty much shaved the sides off completely the recession there doesn’t really matter and it reduce.

Braided Cornrows Hairstyle


One of his most famous, cringe-worthy styles to date was Beckham’s braided cornrows. Beckham only had them for a short period of time, thankfully, and later admitted he may have been slightly tipsy when he decided on the outrageous look.

Coiffed Haircut


David Beckham hairstyles has developed a rather timeless style but it will be interesting to see how it evolves as he ages.

David Beckham Haircut and Hairstyles

Comb Over Hairstyle


Crew Cut Haircut


The Quiff Hairstyle


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