Fade Haircuts Men Should Try In 2021

Geometric cut for men bring forth to live with the cut that utilizes geometric shapes and accurate lines for a stunning result. this cut never goes out of style with its urban pulse and freedom for expression with straight or curly thick hair curly top and fade on the sides use a fade for a clean look while still showing off your thick curls on top.

Best High Fade Haircuts for Men

This style accentuates natural curly hair that is presented in a decent frame perfect’ edges a full natural man hairstyle full natural hair black people are so proud of can benefit from phase two so don’t stress out if you love your longer coils.


Top Fade Hairstyles

With so many fade hairstyles, men can have a tough time choosing which haircut to get. From pompadour fade-out to the side part fade, check out these impressive and seductive faded haircuts that transcend whisker kind, section, and texture!

Box Faded Haircuts


In fact you will have more options when it comes to feeding your hair if you choose to keep a party up top designed high-top fade for a standout style ask your barber to incorporate designs below the top of your eye fade.

Fawk Fade Haircuts


Today’s black men haircuts are anything but boring this clean look is the perfect combination of retro and modern for this style don’t get the back cut to the skin instead leave it at a medium length for a faux hog effect and afro fade is a style that always exudes creativity clean cut low.

Afro Fade Haircuts

afro-fade-haircutsFade low phase four black men are a great option because natural hair lies plan when copped close and that gives a super clean look on the sides a low fade simply means that it starts to taper somewhere near the eyebrow not higher up on the head the carved line gives it something extra without being over-the-top.

Mohawk Fade Haircut


Mohawk fade a high fade is one of the favorite black hair cut styles for men who want to look fashionable while a low fee tends to look more like a classic cut a high fade as a younger more modern style textured temple fade.

Temple Fade Haircut


This fade haircut falls into the temple fade category because the fade curves above the heirs to get more texture on top ask for hair that is just over an inch long then use a nourishing cream to define curls natural products made from oils and nut butters will work best recho high-top fade from men who want that old-school pompadour look up for a high top that is lower towards the back this look is all about the shape and can be a challenge to describe be sure to bring in pictures

Retro Temp Fade Haircut


Especially when you’re after something unique or retro temple and nape fade a curly fade is the best of both worlds you get the height and volume on top without having the look of long hair this is a popular style on the East Coast and it’s often done as a temple fade

High Fade Haircut


The high fade is a professional look that gradually gets shorter as it moves down the side of the head. Fade haircut is a popular men`s cut in which the length of the hair reduces gradually from the parietal ridge towards the temples and nape.

Bald and Skin Fade Haircut


A bald fade haircut creates dimension and relief in a hairstyle with a lot of sharp angles and precise curvy lines typical for a Caesar cut.


Skin Fade + Bun

The bald fade is a fade haircut that features longer hair on top and short back and sides, usually shaved down to the skin (bald).

Undercut Fade


Undercut Fade. The undercut fade is a unique way to cut your sides and back short. Sleek and fresh, faded undercut hairstyles are easy to get

French Fade haircut


Fade Army Haircut


Fade Pompadour Haircut


High Fade + Spiky


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