Classic Hairstyles for Men That Never Will Get Old

If your into classic hairstyles for men, you pay a lot of attention to your wardrobe. However the hair and the hair style you choose can have a great impact on the rest of your outfit.

So let’s show you the 6 classic hairstyles for men

So, These six classic hairstyles that will never go out of style and are therefore always appropriate for men who are into a classic men’s style.

1. The High and Tight Haircut.


It was very popular in the mid 1920s and with shows like Boardwalk Empire, it became very popular a few years ago. Maybe you’ve also watched Peaky Blinders and they all have very similar hairstyles. They are very short on the side with longer hair on the back and it gives you that rough edge that’s kind of cool but at the same time very classic. It’s a style that works for anything from fine to thick hair as long as it’s reasonably straight and not too curly.

Personally, I’ve somewhat wavy hair and I can still pull that style off by using a very strong gel. The tricky part about this classic hairstyles for men is that when it grows out sometimes it can look quite bad so you have to pay attention to go to your barber on a regular basis. I’m on a schedule for a new haircut tomorrow. Apart of a strong gel, of course you could also use wax, you can use a pomade or fiber.

It really all depends on the hair and what works for you. I’ve tried many things and pomade for me created a pomade acne which meant I had lots of zits on my forehead and the sheets on the pillowcases were always dirty and it was a huge pain.

In terms of length I suggest you have at least two inches on top and if you’re at the barber tell them to go with number one to start and you can see how you’ll like it and how it blends in. Of course you can also have longer hair all the way up to five or six inches but then it gets a little borderline.

2. The Pompadour.


You definitely need longer hair for that. It’s all about the top and how you comb it. Now James Dean had a curl and for that you need some curl in your hair otherwise you can also go without and it still looks quite timeless and classic. If you’re new to this hairstyle I suggest you go to a barber because it all starts with a hair dryer. Yes, if you don’t have one of those you can safely invest in them it’s not just something for women.

For the pompadour you also need good hair products and I suggest you take a look at our in-depth list on quality hair products here. For most men a medium pomade or grooming cream is the best way to achieve that look that looks typically like the cool James Dean.

3. The Slick Hairstyle.

If you had this hairstyle in the 1950′ s you were indeed one of the cool boys. Today the slick back hairstyle comes in numerous smorgasbords and is often referred to as the slick-back hairdo. This is the classic hairstyles for men you can work on several different hair spans and do it in only times. The 50 s are the golden era of Hollywood was responsible for countless classic styles for men as and women, who have demonstrated off their smoothest, sleekest hairdos, extending glamour and class.


To achieve that sleek and smooth finish you’ll need a fine-tooth comb such as the By Vilain Cutting Comb and pomade with high glisten such as the By Vilain Powermade Pomade. This sounds like the ideal classic hairstyles for men for a time at a conception eatery, a daylight at the department, or a special event. The tasteful hairdo is a classic.

4. The Undercut or The Gent Gazette.


It’s the kind of a haircut I typically wear. I part it on one side and initially I started parting it in front in the middle and I moved all the way out. Usually my sides are cut shorter all the way up so I get that nice transition at the same time it grows out in a way that doesn’t look terrible.

5. The Quiff

classic hairstyles for men-Quiff

If you don’t like spending too much time styling your mane, the quiff is the perfect hairdo for you. This effortless hairstyle these days is combined with a high, low or medium fade on the sides and a tangled finish in the top, longer area. You still miss a strong hold, but you too want it to look as natural as is practicable. The By Vilain Dynamite Clay will become your go-to product for a excellent classic hairstyles for men. It’s a trend that won’t ever go away because it inspections so stylish and it’s also very easy to maintain.

6. The Crew Cut


Another classic hairstyles for men, but implied for men who prefer short length. The crew cut started as a hairstyle for men in the military forces but soon became a popular daily preference. It’s differentiated with a short top part and even shorter slopes. You can get creative and espouse which portion you was just like. Either way, it will be simple but trendy. The crew cut works for all face determines and men of all ages can feel free to try it out. The best thing about this slouse is that you don’t have to vogue it in most cases. If you decide to leave the exceed component longer, then you have the option to get artistic with a sleek-back hairdo.

Conclusion: Classic hairstyles for men

Flaunting a fashionable style is just as important for men as it is for women. Some hairstyles for men are simply timeless and you can’t go wrong with. Although the 50 s were so long ago, they generated some strong mode and appeal times that we still can’t get over. These classic hairstyles for men that we mentioned are still among the topmost sought preferences of men all around the world and will help you achieve that trendy, effortlessly cool ogle you’ve been looking for. If you haven’t tried them yet, offset 2021 a year of changes and ventures. You won’t be sorry!

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