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Mens Buzz Cut Hairstyles To Try In 2021

Hi guys, welcome back or welcome to Okay I’ve spoken about should you shave your head should you grow your hair. I have spoken about mens buzz cut hairstyles to try we’ve got loads of man from South but I thought now was the time to talk about the buzz cut.

You’d be excused for thinking and the buzz cut was just one style you know just shave it all off but actually there are different styles within this mens buzz cut hairstyles.

If you know these Styles you can then work out the best mens buzz cut hairstyles for you from the super shore it’s the slightly longer and all in between now these styles are a man from South.

Mens Buzz Cut Hairstyles for Inspirations

In the whole hair style directory so if you want a bit more kind of inspiration then you can check that out.

1. Induction Buzz Cut


It’s called the induction because when guys joined the military and they have their induction. They would shave their head because that was to get rid of any sort of lice or any fleas or whatever else you might have and but this is a really super popular one this is the easiest.

This is just using your clippers and it’s habit bald so absolutely no guard on that and David Beckham recently but this David Beckham is like the Messiah of hairstyles he can pull anything off but he has just shaved his head again.

2. Burr Buzz Cut

mens-buzz-cut-hairstyles-burr-buzz-cutNow this again is one length all over but this is more like the one great because it is slightly longer it will more maintenance but you can kind of scale it up slightly just in those sort of half measure increments.

I mean Nick Jonas again has a great face all these guys literally do but I always think with any sort of mens buzz cut about how you personally cool it off

If you are starting to thin and recede then actually this might not be the best one for you you’d be better to call that induction and keep it super short

3. Crew Buzz Cut


This is the one that I often think of as sort of like young guys quite often have this it’s more youthful.  Justin Bieber’s gone for it he’s had it was naturally of color he’s had it bleached and but this is all about keeping a full fringe so it’s one length all over generally a clipper grid two or a three and you’re just gonna keep a little bit of length into that fringe the top and sides are more blended.

4. Butch Buzz Cut


This is more like a clip of grade three or a clip of grade four but it is that one length all over, and Zayn is someone that’s done this a lot Zayn. Like David Beckham is someone that just has like a great face great style can pull loads off, but what I personally like about this is because the hair is slightly longer.

5. Mohawk with Buzz Cut


This is slightly more high-maintenance because you do have to keep the sides and the back short but you will have this sort of strip running from the front all the way down to the back of longer here and this is just sort of adding that attitude to this style and if you’re a guy that can pull this off like Adam Levine

6. Fade Buzz Cut


This is where you starting to get a little bit more stylized it makes it harder to do at home and it’s the kind of thing that I would say get your barber to do. If you want it perfect, but generally the favor the mens buzz cut hairstyles as you can see here.

7. High and Tight Buzz Cut


Is the finer one of these seven that I’ve got and this is really stylized this is more the sort of eighty sort of style than ninety style this works perfectly on afro-caribbean. Here I would say because the way that it grows it’s going to grow slightly further up you can get this sort of better sort of boxy shape that I think works perfectly with this.

So, you can check those out but thank you very much for reading really hope you’ve enjoyed this buzz cut hairstyles.

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